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Income-Generating Programs in South-Sudan

Reducing the financial dependence of our local partner, SVDP Juba

SVDP, a community charity network serving the most deprived, is not intended to be a commercial company, a for-profit association. However, given the country's poverty, the association cannot rely on local donors and is therefore too much dependent on foreign ones.

The objective of the IGPs implemented since 2015 is to reduce this dependency so that the contribution of the IGPs to the financing of the vocational training program increases every year (5% expected in 2017) to reach 10% in 2020...

This goal may seem modest, but unless setting up IGPs that are targeting large companies (which are rare in the country) or wealthy clients (government elites, foreigners from international NGOs), the revenues generated cannot be very significant (the price variable is rather constrained).

Implemented IGPs

1) Tailoring
Since 2015, a workshop located within the CFPDC has been producing traditional clothing, ready-to-wear, uniforms...

2) Agriculture
The entire 126-hectare site in Nyarjwa (25 km from Juba) has been fenced in 2017 to protect it from incursions of herds belonging to armed nomads, to gradually increase the surface of cultivated plots and to sell the productions (vegetables, tomatoes, cereals, etc.) on local markets.
Following the drilling of the well (already completed), important works have also been undertaken in 2017 to optimize the irrigation system: reservoir, main and subsidiary channels, retention basin for control and use of excess rainwater...).

3) Truck rental
The 20 tons truck acquired in August 2015 is rented with his driver and his assistant.
The deteriorated security situation in the country has hindered the take-off of this activity.

4) Wooden furniture
Since 2016, in a workshop located within the Lologo VTCDC, furniture are manufactured to compete with made in China products that are currently preponderant on the market.

5) Bricks
Bricks that can be mounted without mortar (manufactured with a Hydraform machine) are sold. A building constructed in 2017 on the Lologo VTCDC land is hosting a guest house for SVDP visitors. Built with these atypical bricks, it represents a prototype to promote their sale, and also serves as a showroom for the carpentry workshop, since all rooms are furnished with its productions.

6) Poultry
A poultry production unit has been set up in 2012 within the Lologo VTCDC. After two successful breeding cycles, the third one was devastated by an epidemic, probably due to the deterioration of vaccines during their importation from Uganda. SVDP is studying the conditions for restarting this unit, a pioneer in the country.

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