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Emergency Aid in camps for the displaced

This program is not supported directly by ASASE but by other European donors of SVDP Juba.

SVDP is providing punctual aid in camps for displaced people in the capital.

In the camp of Mahat in particular, about 9400 people took refuge between 2014 and 2016, after having fled the abuses committed by the Nuers rebels. A majority came from the states of Jonglei (northeast of the capital) and Upper Nile (northeast of the country).

97% of the displaced population in this camp are women and children.

There is an average of about 7 people per tent. Tents sometimes include several families.

Today, they mainly rely for their survival on the World Food Program. But provisions supplies are random, punctual and underestimated.

Depending on the donations received, SVDP organizes distributions, mainly of food.

During the rainy season, people lack tarpaulins and blankets.

According to the leaders of this camp, the positive aspect is that the different tribes are living there in harmony. This is rather unusual insofar as the camps are usually organized by tribe.

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