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Donors' Testimonials


"We received a warm and efficient welcome from Betram. He made himself very much available, and we’ve been able to go through all the questions we wanted to discuss (...)

The work done by SVDP Juba is serious and solid indeed. The needs are immense, and there is no doubt that the actions undertaken are meeting some of them. The modalities implemented, both at the Lologo Vocational Training Center and at the Nyarjwa Saint Vincent Health Care Center, are or will be successful. They are real development projects, which we can continue to support.

Betram is fully involved in all these actions. His commitment is not questionable: it is not a job, it is a mission, a life-long commitment."
(April 2015)

Deacon Robert Ferrua, from CARITAS MONACO

"(…) We had read a lot, seen many photos and films, but we knew that going and visiting was the only way to fully appreciate the situation… and that's what we did on March 2010.

We would like to pay tribute to Deacon Kamal Tadros, and praise the work of all the staff of the Association: with dedication and loving care, they help the poorest and most derelict among our Sudanese brothers and sisters.
We also want to express our admiration to the people of Sudan, which we found very dignified, hospitable and hardworking.

There is such a place as hell indeed, and we saw its gates, but the action and the good will of these people half-open the doors of hope.

As far as I'm concerned, I would like to end with a sentence that summarizes my participation in this mission: in a few days, I am going to celebrate the five-years anniversary of my ordination to the diaconate; over these first five years, I have accomplished many missions and actions, but it only during this mission in Sudan that I realized what it means to be a Deacon of the Catholic Church.
Serving the poor, the elder, the unfortunate. Several times, in the eyes of these people, I have crossed those of Jesus..."

Salvatore Ercolano, from the Association LES AMIS DES ENFANTS (ADE)

"Dear Kamal,
(…) I come back from Sudan always more impressed and admirative of the work that you and your team have undertaken…
(…) be ensured that supporting you and your action is an honour for Muriel and me."

(April 2010)


"The Street Children project has existed for almost 25 years. Many children have become adults. Some have returned to live in the South, where their skills can help in reconstruction. All are employed and earn their living. Those who followed professional training became masons, electricians or tailors. The university graduates are now executives with key positions and are doctors or engineers.

That is the case of Henari, now responsible for the maintenance of the only electric central of Juba, the capital of South Sudan. Taken into care in 1995 on an organization farm, he is taking an electrician's course while continuing his schooling. In 2005, he graduated from university. After working as director of one of the organization's professional training centers, he decided to leave for the South to help in the reconstruction.

Just like Henari, more than 500 children have now completed their studies, thanks to the help of the organization Saint-Vincent de Paul and the support of Asmae. 150 of them are university graduates.

Faced with these tangible results, Asmae is committed more than ever to displaced children, still numerous in the streets of the Sudanese capital. At the dawn of an independent future for South Sudan, it is essential to give the displaced populations of the South the means to reconstruct their future country." (August 2009)


"(…) We were very happy to see how much the water program had developed in Gabarona: 140 000 litres are supplied every day. The French Embassy has supported the extension of the distribution network around the well, with the installation of three pipes 500 meters long. It is in this area, all around this waterworks, that the famous orange truck is doing its distribution tour six times a day: between 120 and 150 km per day! Although recently repainted, this truck has been running for 15 years, totalizing 800 000 km, which makes its replacement in the near future highly predictable."
(February 2008)


"Much travelled Michael Palin wrote "Nothing I have ever experienced in my life before could have prepared me for a visit to Sudan".

In the 10 years since then many things have changed but many remain the same. The advent of oil together with peace in the south of the country is showing results. However, the new buildings, roads and bridges in the capital Khartoum, contrast sharply with scenes of abject poverty less than 5 miles away. Hopes that oil revenue will filter down to social services have yet to be realised.

When we met the Operations Manager for Save the Children he reported that they had withdrawn from Darfur after five of their staff had been killed, whilst the CAFOD representative in Khartoum reported that little progress has been made in the south since the ceasefire which was signed 2 years ago. As a result we can only expect that the demand for help from the SVP in Sudan will continue for a considerable time.

(…) whilst the baby feeding, water supply, foster homes and medical programmes are providing for the needs of today, the main thrust of activity is in providing the adult population with skills which will ensure a sustainable future for this and following generations.
It sounds melodramatic to say that this support will affect the future of a nation, but this fact is recognised by other support organisations; they are now asking for the help of the SVP and contributing to the financial cost. This gives testimony to the credibility which has been developed by the SVP in Sudan who are respected by both Church and government.

(…) The stark truth is that there is no evidence that any other organisation is providing such support; if we stop this work there is nothing to replace it.

(…) To visit Sudan and witness the work of the members is awe inspiring. You have to visit to experience the atmosphere, the culture, and the effects of the social and economic troubles which have beset this great country. Huge swathes of the population barely exist but their lives are being made more tolerable by our brothers and sisters. As a result, the visitor is always greeted with huge smiles and a warm welcome.
(February 2007)

Kate Bretherton, from SAINT-VINCENT-DE-PAUL UK

"(…) The vocational training centres are particularly impressive because of the variety of skills they develop. Children of 10 years old are taught to mend bicycles; young men and women are trained in electrical skills; older men learn masonry and carpentry; older women develop tailoring skills. There is something for everyone.

There was a great deal that impressed me at the centres but I think what was most evident was that because they are located in the heart of the IDP communities and because they are run by local people, it is through these centres that the SVP can see and react to need as it arises. For example, at one centre a training workshop had been set up to teach people agricultural techniques, including how to use a machine for grinding crops. It soon became clear that if the wider community had access to this machine they would benefit greatly from it and now people come on a daily basis to make use of the facility so that not only can they use the grain for their own families but also sell the excess to generate an income. The Community Development Centres are so-called because they really do offer a holistic service to the local people. The visit brought life to the proverb, "give a man a fish and you have fed him for today; teach a man to fish and you have fed him for a lifetime"."
(July 2007)

Clare H., from a British company that wished to remain anonymous

« Thank you very much indeed for giving me such a warm welcome and excellent tour of the projects in the Omdurman Camps - your work is first-class carried out by dedicated and committed people.

I have been very impressed and I will recommend that we continue to support your work and hope I can find more supporters for all the help you are endeavouring to give these deprived families and children. »
(November 2006)


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