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Sister Emmanuelle and ASASE


Les enfants du Nil -I- from Patrick Bittar on Vimeo.

When Sister Emmanuelle discovers Khartoum in 1986, after 15 years in the slums of Cairo, she is horror-struck. Many children from the South, especially boys, had fled from the war and famine ravaging that part of the country to seek refuge in the North where they hoped to join a possible relative.
But very often, all they found was ostracism and poverty.

To survive in the streets, they used to form gangs, begging, stealing, prostituting themselves and taking drugs to forget their loneliness, the pangs of hunger and ill-health.

Sister Emmanuelle then gave witness to us: "The poverty of my slums in Cairo is nothing compared to that of these children. Our first priority must be to save these children without families!"

Our activities in Sudan stem from Sister Emmanuelle's first meeting with the street children there.
Since that time our programs have continued to increase in number and develop in importance thanks to our donors to whom Sister Emmanuelle delivered this messages, 15 years after her first trip to Khartoum:

"Dear Friends,

I should like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the continuing support you provide to our Association: to help save tens of thousands of children from the throes of the prolonged and bitter civil war in Sudan.

Thanks to your donations these children have the possibility of receiving food and education and of learning a trade which will enable them to become independent and to lead a dignified life as “men standing upright”. Some of them have even pursued their studies to gain access to university. Who could have imagined such a successful outcome for these street children? It is all due to you, and you can be proud of it.

Sudan, the largest country on the African continent, has being going through the bleakest years of its history. However, presently there is a glimmer of hope: peace negotiations. All these young people that you have helped could one day take their place in society and contribute to the development and well being of their people.

Dear benefactors, don’t stop caring about these unfortunate people. Perhaps we are on the verge of reaping the fruits of all our efforts, with your help and with the help of God.

With much love, I keep you in my heart and prayers."


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With 100 CHF (92 €), you provide a graduate of the Sewing training program in Juba, South Sudan, with a sewing machine that will help her start her own business. + >>

With 120 CHF (110 €), you fund one month of vocational training in Lologo, South Sudan, for an adult living on less than CHF 2 per day! + >>

With 230 CHF (214 €), you pay for the quarterly salary of a teacher of the JPM University built in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. + >>

With 400 CHF (372 €), you fund 40 hours of salary of a teacher of the Bethesda secondary school in Haiti. + >>

With 600 CHF (550 €), you provide a graduate from the Auto-Mechanic training in Juba, South Sudan, with a tool-kit that will help him start his own business. + >>

With 1100 CHF (1000 €), you fully cover the quarterly costs of our Be In Hope Program for one former street child in Juba, the capital of South Sudan! + >>

With 2000 CHF (1840 €), you fund two weeks of operation of our Health Care Center in Nyarjwa, an isolated community in South Sudan! + >>

Thank You!

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