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North-Sudan: Key Figures

  • 40 million inhabitants

  • Area: approximately 1,900,000 Km2
    The third largest country in Africa, after Algeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • 21 inhabitants / km2 (as against 19 in South Sudan)

  • Fertility rate: 4.3 children / woman

  • The capital, Khartoum, has about 5 million inhabitants with the surrounding districts (Omdurman and Bahri)

  • Official language: Arabic

  • Three-quarters of the population are Muslim.
    Islamic law (sharia) is in force.

  • Literacy rate: 70%

  • Public debt: 90% of GDP

  • GDP growth rate: 3 to 5% / year

  • Agriculture accounts for 80% of workforce and 40% of GDP

  • Expenditure on social development: 0.3% of GDP

  • Annual inflation: between 15 and 37%

  • Currency: Sudanese Pound (SDD) Areas of internal conflict: Darfur (west), Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile (areas bordering South Sudan).


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