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In Haiti, with Haïti-Cosmos

In addition to the South Sudan, which represents 85% of its allocated resources, ASASE has been present in Haiti for more than 20 years, through the association Haiti-Cosmos. 
60% of the yearly budgets of Haïti-Cosmos development programs are funded by ASASE.

Founded in 1993 in Geneva and presided by Mrs Françoise Aebi, Haiti Cosmos is supported by many municipalities in the canton of Geneva and by a known Foundation.

Its Vice-President, Jean Claude Francois, is its inspirational leader. Haitian-born, he divides his time between Geneva and the plateau of Hinche in Haiti (130 km north of the capital), where all the development programs of Haiti-Cosmos are located.

All the projects in Haiti are managed by the Cosmos Foundation.
Jean Claude François is the President of the council of the Foundation.

A manager is appointed for each project: the medical program is supervised by Nazaire Librun, higher education by Jean Claude François, secondary education by Vernet Simon, primary education by Jean-Rony Desir, and the laboratory by Gael Cherestil.

A hundred people are currently employed by the association in Haiti; which means that about a thousand are living upon its activities.


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With 100 CHF (92 €), you provide a graduate of the Sewing training program in Juba, South Sudan, with a sewing machine that will help her start her own business. + >>

With 120 CHF (110 €), you fund one month of vocational training in Lologo, South Sudan, for an adult living on less than CHF 2 per day! + >>

With 230 CHF (214 €), you pay for the quarterly salary of a teacher of the JPM University built in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. + >>

With 400 CHF (372 €), you fund 40 hours of salary of a teacher of the Bethesda secondary school in Haiti. + >>

With 600 CHF (550 €), you provide a graduate from the Auto-Mechanic training in Juba, South Sudan, with a tool-kit that will help him start his own business. + >>

With 1100 CHF (1000 €), you fully cover the quarterly costs of our Be In Hope Program for one former street child in Juba, the capital of South Sudan! + >>

With 2000 CHF (1840 €), you fund two weeks of operation of our Health Care Center in Nyarjwa, an isolated community in South Sudan! + >>

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