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A Few Words from the President of ASASE

Dear and faithful friends of ASASE,

In 1979 our association was created following an urgent request from Sister Emmanuelle, who was determined to save the young rubbish collectors of Cairo, the "zabbaleens".

In 1986, responding to my appeal, Sister Emmanuelle launched an all-out campaign to help the young orphans from South Sudan, victims of a civil war, who finished up as refugees having to fend for themselves in the capital, Khartoum.

This campaign has given birth to a number of programmes the success of which can make us all feel proud. The seed sown by Sister Emmanuelle has become a large tree with many branches, thanks to the water –your donations!–, without which nothing could grow; thanks also to the "labourers" in the field, who distribute at best this precious water while working the land.
I would like also to praise the discreet and efficient work of the volunteers of our committees.

No doubt that for three decades, this success was largely due both to the extraordinary charisma of the late Sister Emmanuelle, and to the efficiency of the devoted Kamal Tadros, who has been the person in the field responsible for the implementation of all programs in Sudan.

In 2015, ASASE decided to withdraw from Sudan and to focus all its efforts to support programs set up in South Sudan and Haiti.

Our local partners in both countries are led by two individuals whose professionalism and commitment are admired by all those who know them: the South Sudanese Betram Gordon Kuol and the Swiss-Haitian Jean Claude François.

May we continue through them, with the help of God and yours, to provide support and hope to our brothers sadly in need in South Sudan and Haiti.


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With 100 CHF (92 €), you provide a graduate of the Sewing training program in Juba, South Sudan, with a sewing machine that will help her start her own business. + >>

With 120 CHF (110 €), you fund one month of vocational training in Lologo, South Sudan, for an adult living on less than CHF 2 per day! + >>

With 230 CHF (214 €), you pay for the quarterly salary of a teacher of the JPM University built in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. + >>

With 400 CHF (372 €), you fund 40 hours of salary of a teacher of the Bethesda secondary school in Haiti. + >>

With 600 CHF (550 €), you provide a graduate from the Auto-Mechanic training in Juba, South Sudan, with a tool-kit that will help him start his own business. + >>

With 1100 CHF (1000 €), you fully cover the quarterly costs of our Be In Hope Program for one former street child in Juba, the capital of South Sudan! + >>

With 2000 CHF (1840 €), you fund two weeks of operation of our Health Care Center in Nyarjwa, an isolated community in South Sudan! + >>

Thank You!

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