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ASASE: The Swiss Association of Friends of Sister Emmanuelle

"What makes any man’s quality is not his religion, but his sense of brotherhood"
(Sister Emmanuelle, co-founder of ASASE)

At 63, Sister Emmanuelle decides to share the life of the inhabitants of the Egyptian slums. 8 years later, in 1979, she founded with Michel Bittar the Swiss Association of Friends of Sister Emmanuelle (ASASE), to support her action in favour of the Cairo ragpickers, whom she still lived with.

In 1986, at the request of ASASE’s President, a native of Khartoum, she went to Sudan and returned shocked: the poverty of the displaced victims of the longest civil war of the XXth century was worse than that of Egyptian zabbâlîn. Since then, ASASE has focused its support on the creation and development of various aid programs to needy populations in:

  • Sudan until 2014,
  • South Sudan since 2009 (before the country’s creation in 2011),
  • Haiti since 1996.

ASASE, a Geneva association of public utility, enjoys a tax exemption granted by the State of Geneva.

It does not pursue any political, religious nor commercial aims.

Since 2010, its financial statements are presented in accordance with Swiss GAAP RPC standards.

Since its creation 37 years ago, exceptionally low administrative costs (only one occasional employee) have enabled ASASE to allocate yearly 95% of funds raised to the projects on site.

ASASE has always been supported by the public authorities (State of Geneva, City of Geneva, many municipalities), by other European associations of Friends of Sister Emmanuelle and by various international charities.

Since ASASE stopped supporting programs in Sudan, South Sudan represents about 85% of the destination of the funds collected, the rest being allocated to our partner in Haiti.

From emergency to development aid

In South Sudan, ASASE supported programs cover a wide range of humanitarian work, created and run by its local partner, Saint Vincent de Paul Juba:

  • Training:
    2800 adults trained over the last 5 years
  • Nursery and Primary School:
    680 children from disadvantaged families
  • Orphans and street children:
    15 school children and fully supported
  • Food:
    3 meals per week distributed to 700 children under 7 years
  • Medical assistance:
    1 health care center + production of medicinal plants
  • Income generating programs:
    Set up to increase the local Partner self-financing: tailoring workshop, agricultural program (on a 126ha land), poultry production, production of wooden furniture, 20 tons truck rental, bricks production.

In Haiti:

  • 2 schools (nursery, primary, secondary):
    1 300 children
  • 1 University (built after the earthquake):
    400 students in 4 faculties
  • 27 clinics:
    scattered throughout the countryside.
  • Herbal Medicine Production:
    10 drugs have saved hundreds of people, especially during the cholera epidemics.

"I have fought all my life, especially for children who are hungry and unhappy. I know: it's a drop in the ocean. But if you put this drop of water, the ocean will be less full of bitterness."

(Sister Emmanuelle)

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In Switzerland, your donations are tax deductible to the extent determined by the State.

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Making a difference...

By donating to the association, you will automatically become one of its "Friends” and receive its quarterly newsletters.

With 100 CHF (92 €), you provide a graduate of the Sewing training program in Juba, South Sudan, with a sewing machine that will help her start her own business. + >>

With 120 CHF (110 €), you fund one month of vocational training in Lologo, South Sudan, for an adult living on less than CHF 2 per day! + >>

With 230 CHF (214 €), you pay for the quarterly salary of a teacher of the JPM University built in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. + >>

With 400 CHF (372 €), you fund 40 hours of salary of a teacher of the Bethesda secondary school in Haiti. + >>

With 600 CHF (550 €), you provide a graduate from the Auto-Mechanic training in Juba, South Sudan, with a tool-kit that will help him start his own business. + >>

With 1100 CHF (1000 €), you fully cover the quarterly costs of our Be In Hope Program for one former street child in Juba, the capital of South Sudan! + >>

With 2000 CHF (1840 €), you fund two weeks of operation of our Health Care Center in Nyarjwa, an isolated community in South Sudan! + >>

Thank You!

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